Today’s culture is often a discordant mixture of the real and the virtual.  Constantly bombarded with demands for our attention, we can easily forget that we are still part of a strikingly beautiful, and ever dramatic, natural world. 


You might have seen someone walking along the shoreline while staring into the screen of a phone, oblivious to the vitalizing energy all around them.  Maybe you are disillusioned by the water bottles and candy wrappers of day-trippers who seem to think of nature a temporary novelty, an amusement park that closes down for cleaning after midnight.  You might wish that they could really see what they are missing—that we and the natural world are parts of the same, and that our environment deserves our empathy and respect.


My work is an attempt to remind us of this view. Striking graphic compositions inspire the viewer to slow down and explore something they might normally miss. The images invite us to enter into an eternal moment, evoking a visceral response that inspires us to contemplate our place within nature rather than as separate from it.


These images are meant for those who honor the natural world and want to make a difference.  Each image displayed for others to see is an opportunity for more people to reconnect to the realm of the real, and start a conversation about our personal roles within it.

John Santoni Laguna Niguel

All images ©2020 John Santoni

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Fine Art Photographer